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To all concerned:

We are aware of the post that Cory Doctorow made about our website. He never contacted us about this issue and since we are not able respond on his post directly on Boing Boing, we are posting our response here:

We had added that disclaimer for that particular item years ago because the person who designed it is a very good friend of ours and she had a business manufacturing children's clothes using this fabric (among others) that she had designed and manufactured herself. We were selling the overruns from that business because her designs are so beautiful.

Years ago, we had had a problem with a few people making children's clothing with her fabric that they bought from us, and selling them online while using her company's name which was hurting her business. The text we wrote was posted specifically as a deterrent to those people. (We would not have done it if she wasn't such an awesome and wonderful person and friend. We wanted to protect her business and livelyhood.)

We are very aware that we could never enforce such a rule and it was never intended to be taken as a threat of legal action or to be taken as a blanket rule for all of the products on our website. We have reworded the statement it so it is understood as a request (our initial intent), not a demand.

Please go ahead and use anything we sell on this website to make anything you want, for resale, or not.

BTW, we don't make or design the fabrics we sell so we don't hold or control any copyrights to the items sold on our website. We are just retailers.

Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

Best, The Reprodepot Team

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*Please note: This fabric is intended for personal sewing projects. We request that this print not be used for items made for resale.

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